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Into The Fall

Monster Network Cinema

When the media is bleached by American school yards, Barcelona and the new hot spots, it’s a pleasure to see some colour with a local backdrop. Paul Gonella and filmer Russ Cowling have produced a visual aid for anyone seeking inspiration as we enter the Autumn. Their little production is aptly named Into the fall and it highlights most of the Essex scene without a single perfect spot in sight.

The overall power of this DVD carries on the fact that the skaters featured have done good with all the odd terrain god has sprinkled in their path. Watching them handle their spots makes you look out your window and think, “That looks just like the kind of crap I have to skate everyday!” Obviously an imaginary gap has been bridged, and skating imperfect spots has become fun again (Was it ever not fun..?). Spots aside, you’ll also notice the two generations present in this project. On the one side you have the Old boys with their wall rides and simplistic stylings, whilst on the other hand there’s the young boys teching things up and lacing together sweet lines.

This age difference lifts the weight of that beer gut you inherently earn as an old boy, but also inspires the young ones to go and skate something different. Add to this mix a soothing soundtrack that doesn’t rinse the tracklistings of major productions or popular music and you’re quicker out your blocks to skate than Linford Christie in his heyday. Lame comparison, I know, but you get the point.

Without going into too much detail, the old boys have still got the moves with the odd switch frontside rock ‘n’ roll thrown in for good measure, or friend Jon Haywood popping a silky half cab blunt 360 back in on mini. The young boys are led by the suave style of Veran Tull and the quick foot skills of David Underwood*. These two are faces worth watching for the future. Nollie heelflip frontside crooks anyone? Plus, take note of the way the music fits several skater’s parts. This keeps the feature flowing.

*I have just been informed that Dave is actually in his 20’s. just don’t tell the groupies!

Featured skaters: Sandy, Steve Bailey, Paul Gonella, Russell Cowling, Adam Leeds, Sam Juner, David Dixon, Jay Tate, Ben Sutcliff, Neil Smith, David Underwood, Veran Tull and Friends.


Intro – Film School

Mrs Bean – The Essex Green

Hats off to Harry Kewell – the International Karate Plus

Moving – Suede

Who gets the blame – Vinyl

The Illiad – Tapes ‘n’ Tapes

Hercules – Aaron Neville

Feel good factor – The Hermit Crabs

School boys charm – The American Analogue Set

Ralph Lloyd-Davis