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Do Not Tape Over Vol 1

For anyone that’s ever ridden a skateboard, there had to be that one moment in time that made them want to start thrashing about on a stump wood. More often than not, that moment occurs in front of the shitbox (TV). You see, before there were 5 DVDs dropping every fortnight, or Radical television programmes and Extreme skate tournaments, coverage of our beloved culture was pretty damn sparse.

If you woke up early on a Saturday, you might catch a glimpse of a skater being filmed with the proper dad-cam on some kids show, or maybe a news piece about urban youth culture slotted in before the weather report. Whenever that happened, you grabbed the first cassette tape available and clocked the footage a.s.a.p. Do not tape over Volume 1 is that crusty magnetic band.

Paul Gonella is a grizzly face of cyberspace who freelances as a skateboard historian. His love for the scene runs deeper than the pockets of Phil Knight, and deep within his treasure chest of memorabilia, he beholds some real gems.

This DVD is a celebration of all those snippets of television that lit the fire for many of us and stoked us out to get skateboarding. Obviously this feature does not contain top knotch multiple angle VX3000 shots of all the hot Californian amateurs killing it, but it does have priceless one-off footage of London’s first Vert ramp featuring Mark Gonzales (!), in depth interviews with Tony Hawk, Stacy Peralta and a walkthrough the then epic Powell Peralta headquarters.

The top draw prizes go to an old UK champion and legend Lucien Hendricks knocking ten footballs off stands atop a Vert ramp in front of Bruce Forsyth and his crowd for the gameshow You Bet!, and the bizarre freestyle dancing duo Primo Desiderio and his wife Diane on the Paul Daniels Show. Shocking! You won’t find any of this footage ever again, so a copy of Do not tape over Volume 1 is mandatory. Plus, it will only cost you £4 p+p which is an utter bargain for all the rare footy this DVD features.

Contact Monster Network here or find him lurking at where you can pay pal cash as a swap for this fine DVD today.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis