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Circa – It’s Time

Talk of the first Circa video started way back when the team included heavy hitters like Chad Muska, Jaime Thomas and Mark Appleyard.

The chance of a DVD with footage from those three was a sure shot success with the kids, but something went horribly wrong… First Chad went Miami MIA, then Jaime said goodbye and started up his own operation, then Mark travelled the world and thought his feet could be cushioned elsewhere.

With their top players disbanded, Circa looked like it was about to throw in the towel. Somehow the shoe company stayed afloat and gradually built back a team that as a result is a real cross section of skate genres with something for everyone (except ramp riders…).

The prolonged announcement of videos soon to be released doesn’t settle well within the industry because team changes can make or break a project, as Circa knows all too well, so with their new flock of representatives Circa seized the opportunity – It’s Time.

I seriously doubted Circa before they dropped this DVD, and the first echos from the fore front were anything short of lukewarm… Not a good sign when you are releasing your first ever video. Well, It’s Time dropped onto my doormat and I gave it a first viewing; To be honest, I could see where the uninspired reactions were coming from. You see, Circa runs the following team – Jon Allie, Dennis Durrant, Tony Tave, Windsor James, Sierra Fellers, Pete Ramondetta, Colt Cannon and Adrian Lopez. Each one of those skaters can hold it down alone, but a couple of them are better known for hammering out their sections, rather than splashing out on a little variety.

When Jon Allie bursts onto the screen with picture perfect frontside flip tailslides and kickflip backside lipslides, a few tweaked leaps of faith and big rotations over bigger gaps, you have a strange feeling you’ve seen it all before. I take my hat off to the lad, but would it really hurt to push a little, or skate some transition..? So, like I said, the first comments about the Circa DVD viewing like a hammerfest of yesteryear weren’t really off the mark.

Jon’s section ends with a total banger and Sierra Fellers picks up the gauntlet. Sierra has been running ripples through the industry for the last couple of years as one of these Uber-ams that push the envelope of gnarliness with text book technique. It’s trua that Sierra is a beast, but not only normal but switch too! Big switch flips and big switch ollies pepper this part and have you slightly shocked at the abilities of this virtually unknown kid. With this part Sierra steps it up to the big-time.

Just before we catch a glimpse of Windsor James eating proverbial ‘shit’ for the cameraman, OG Circa member Adrian Lopez has a roll about on screen. I’ve never met Adrian but I gather he’s a shy guy. You wouldn’t think so when you see the stuff he skates or the look in his eyes when he prepares himself for the crunch. However, Adrian’s part slides in synch with Jon’s opener in that this part could easily have appeared three years ago and no-one would have noticed. I heard Adrian has a lot of MySpace friends, maybe they can rate this part better than me, a guy who gets out there and skates..?

Enough bitterness and back to the show! Windsor James escapes death on a big rail and proceeds to use his cat-like skills to tame and maim a few gaps and rails. Windsor is a very smooth skater, but I don’t think this part does him justice even if the soul track has you tapping your feet to the beat. In the image-based guidelines of the skate industry, a XXL wearing dude dropping hammers is definitely worth watching.

And so is badman Dennis Durrant. You might recognize Dennis from his premier 360 flip noseblunt slide Popwar ad on the flip side of Chris Cole’s attempt. Dennis is from Australia and has a pair of skippy feet that pop and flick his board very nicely. Dennis shines out like a pearl in this wish wash waters of amateur skateboarding. Place a star next to his name next time you see it.

Someone else who is a star is Mr.Colt Cannon. Colt doesn’t get too complicated with his skate trick selection, but whatever he does execute, he executes to the T. here are three reasons you need to watch Colt’s section repeatedly: First the intro- I don’t know where the punchline fell with that story, but it definitely wasn’t caught on tape. Second, the song Colt chose is a bit quirky and if you’re patient you’ll see that it works quite well with the skating. And Third, Colt’s last few tricks are banging- especially the long nose grind down the handrail. Colt’s got better balance than Alan Sugar’s bank account.

Time for another comic interlude and this time it’s pro cameos introducing Super am and new Element pro, Tony Tave. This kid broke onto the scene via a huge switch frontside heelflip over the double set at the Etnies Lake Forest skatepark. Tony’s got pop and a whole lot of shock for you with this solid 4 minute section. If you think Tony’s only got hefty hammers to offer, you’re right, but you don’t see many kids swinging swords like this everyday.

Finally, It’s Time concludes with Bay Area badass, Pete Ramondetta. Pete is gnarly as hell with fast snaps and back to back hammers. I like to think of Pete as one of the last Radical skaters out there, that don’t worry about image or fame and just get the job done. Plus, Ramondetta won’t be stamped with the billy-bad boy stamp of strictly rails. I spotted a 360 double flip and a sweet no comply flip combo in there. At the end it’s all about the ender though – Stick that in your pipe Jaime!

So, to brush this review up and post up a sales pitch for Circa, I’d say that if you like it big and fast, It’s Time will have you satisfied. If the whole hammerfest- deathlens FTSA technique bores you, then just watch this for free with shoes at skater owned shops and visit for all the inside scoops.


• Rare earth- I Know I’m losing you
• Black Sabbath- Gypsy
• Zwan- Lyric
• Jim Walker and the Allstars- Shotgun
• Sam and Dave- Hold on! I’m coming!
• Tosca- Session 2:Einschlaf
• Throwing Muses- Not to soon
• Doobie Brothers- Take it to the streets
• Cab Colloway- Jitterbug
• Micheal Jackson- Working day and night
• Rocky Erickson and the Aliens- Stand for the pire demon
• AC/DC- Walk all over you
• Gladys Knight and the Pips- Midnight train to Georgia
• The Rolling Stones- Worried about you

Ralph Lloyd-Davis