Heavy Shit

Heavy Shit July 2006

It’s July 2006 and the retarded voices of DJ James Sherry and Zac Slack are back to give you another dose of metal big enough for you to be travelling back to the clinic for a check up.

This month’s show comes fresh after the Download Festival where the duo played records for 10 hours a day.

Think yourself lucky they are back on the air as the festival left it’s mark on the internets most “don’t give a shit” DJ’s and they finally made it home even though they crawled back in pieces. Enjoy this selection of fresh and old tracks and if you would like to request a tune for the next show, click here.

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July Playlist

1. Rise & Fall – Failure Is As Failure Does (Reflections)
2. Big Business – Easter Romance (Hydra Head)
3. Goatsnake – Black Cat Bone (Southern Lord)
4. Lamb Of God – Redneck (Sony)
5. Celtic Frost – Progeny (Century Media)
6. Comets On Fire – Dogwood Rust (Sub Pop)
7. Black Sabbath – Children Of The Grave (live bootleg)
8. Toadies – Plane Crash (Interscope)
9. Winnebago Deal – The Flight Of The Raven (Fierce Panda)
10. The Cult – King Contrary Man (Beggars Banquet)
11. Vader – Insomnia (Metal Blade)
12. Nailbomb – Wasting Away (Roadrunner)