None More Punk

None More Punk December

2006 is pretty much done so we realised that we had to end it with the best show yet.

This hour-long session is brought to you by the rotten scumbags of Crossfire DJ’s Zac Slack and James Sherry who have just seen the American Hardcore Movie and felt inspired to share their inspiration with this dump of the best punk and hardcore they could find.

This show has a selection of new and old and should keep you busy for the next hour so click that flag to stream it or podcast here. Thanks for listening to our show this year, we will be back with a January session so if you have requests, messages or shout outs, leave them here for us.

December Playlist

1. SSS – Damaged Goods (Dead & Gone)
2. Tragedy – Rabid Panic (Tragedy)
3. Cancer Bats – Golden Tanks (Hassle)
4. Violent Arrest – War Of The Nerves (Deranged)
5. Beastie Boys – Brand New (Grand Royal)
6. District – 19th Soldier (People Like You)
7. Deathskulls – Who Fuckin’ Says? (Rejected)
8. Hardskin – We Are The Wankers (Rudeness)
9. The Briefs – Lint Fabrick (BYO)
10. The Fall Outs – Ambition (Super Electro)
11. Sailboats Are White – Hand It To The Devil (Poptones)
12. Articles Of Faith – Buried Alive (Alternative Tentacles)
13. Circles Jerks – Red Tape (Rhino)
14. SSD – Boiling Point (Rhino)
15. Bad Brains – Pay To Cum (Rhino)
16. DOA – Fucked Up Ronnie (Rhino)
17. The Freeze – Boston Not L.A. (Rhino)
18. Gallows – 6 Years (In At The Deep End)
19. The Clash – 1977 (Columbia)
20. Set Your Goals – Flight Of The Navigator (Eulogy)
21. The Mingers – Vermin (Go Down Fighting)
22. Fucked Up – Two Snakes (Jade Tree)