None More Punk

None More Punk May 07

Last week was hell for me. I was sitting here typing up playlists for the site, realising i was skint. My favourite squeeze was on my case over something or nothing and the world seemed to be demanding my presence. In these situations there is only one solution, one angle where you know without any outside influence your entire life is transformed and back where it belongs within 2 or 3 minutes. A feeling of power descends over the weakness and the troubles are lifted within one bar, one crash of a cymbal, one 3 chord riff.

I’m talking punk rock, hardcore, whatever you wish for, never forget, it is always there to rescue you from the daily grind, just make sure you defend your stash of vinyl so no one else takes it, it’s a powerful thing.

Welcome back to the None More Punk Show with DJ’s Zac Slack and James Sherry. This latest show should keep you out of trouble for the next hour, just don’t tell anyone else about it and click the flag for instant stream. To podcast this show, go to the feeds section and get the code you need for some pocket punk…

The Crossfire None More Punk Show will be live this year at the Download Festival in the Duracell Tent with Special Guests Gallows on Saturday 9th June from 10pm-2am. Dont miss it.

May 07 Playlist

1. Pulling Teeth – Our Down Fall/Never Wrong (Chainsaw Safety)
2. GBH – Race Against Time (Sanctuary)
3. Gorilla Angreb – Astma (Feral Ward)
4. Hostage Life – Sons Of Hostage Life (Household Name)
5. Suicide Bid – Demonised (Household Name)
6. Phinius Gage – Battered And Bruised (Smalltown)
7. Chillerton – All We Know (Boss Tuneage)
8. Silicon Vultures – Incest Wounded Nun (Captains Of Industry)
9. Melt Banana – Spider Snipe (A-Zap)
10. Lakes – Our Town (Signature Tune)
11. The Scare – Bats! Bats! Bats! (Dance To The Radio)
12. Riverboat Gamblers – The Song We Used To Call Wasting Time (Volcom)
13. Pink Razors – The New Justin (I Wanna Be) (Robotic Empire)
14. Born To Lose – Borrowed Time (People Like You)
15. Frontkick – Blue Tainted Blood (People Like You)
16. Detention – Dead Rock N’ Rollers (Redrum)
17. The Subhumans – Shut Your Eyes (Alternative Tentacles)
18. Butthole Surfers – The Sha Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave (Alternative Tentacles)
19. Butthole Surfers – Goofy’s Concern (EMI)
20. Geriatric Unit – Kill The Pose/Little Voice Of Reason (Violent Change)
21. Spermbirds – Set An Example (Boss Tuneage)
22. The Bulemics – Blood Orgy (Scarey Records)