None More Punk

None More Punk June

Here it is, another session of fucking carnage from Crossfire’s None More Punk Show brought to you by 2 braindead chimps that go by the name of DJ’s James Sherry and Zac Slack.

This month, the tunes are rip roaring with a real old school feel, with brand new tracks mixed in with punk rock and hardcore classics. I guess we both feel as though this is our best effort yet and are both really sorry that we were really wasted when we recorded it…actually that is a total lie, we don’t give a shit!

Enjoy this months show and tell your friends about it by sending them a link.

If you are in a band and you would like to be on the next None More Punk show, get in touch from the contact section on this site and If you would like to request tunes for the next show, click here and leave a message for us.

June Playlist:

1. Imperial Leather – Something Out Of Nothing (Profane Existence)
2. Zodiac Killers – I Wanna Be A Porn Star (Rip Off)
3. The Midnight Evils – Getting Down On The Midnight Hour (Estrus)
4. The Time Flys – Smokin’ Dope (Birdman)
5. I Object – Intra Muros – (Alternative Tentacles)
6. Die Hunns – Tragedy (Disaster)
7. Weirdos – We Got The Neutron Bomb (Frontier)
8. Misfits – Attitude (Caroline)
9. Adolescents – Rip It Up (Frontier)
10. The Replacements – Kids Won’t Follow (Twin/Tone)
11. The Horror – Reagan’s Out/So Full Of Shit You’re Poisoness (Chainsaw Safety)
12. Deep Wound – I Saw It (Damaged Goods)
13. Fucked Up – Generations (Deranged)
14. Annihilation Time – Panic (Manic Ride)
15. Regulations – We Always Know What To Do (NY Vag)
16. Circle Jerks – When The Shit Hits The Fan (Frontier)
17. Coliseum – Set It Straight (Destructure)
18. Lords – Holy Ghost Of The Infidels (Destructure)
19. Richard Hell And The Voidoids – Love Comes In Spurts (Sire)
20. NOFX – Seeing Double At The Triple Rock (Fat Wreck)
21. The Briefs – Medication B (Crystal Songs)
22. Osaka Popstar – Wicked World (Misfits Records)
23. Conflict – The Day Before (Mortarhate)