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Freeway & Jake One

Freeway & Jake One
The Stimulus Package

Freeway is one of those rappers you know you like, but you feel just hasn’t reached the top of his game, well that’s all changed with this record. His Rocafella status propelled him into the spotlight and he ran admirably with it, but it wasn’t til he guested on Jake One‘s White Van Music on The Truth, that I really saw him in his element.

Teaming up again with Jake One looking after all the production duties on The Stimulus Package, Philly Freezer has definitely stepped up a notch and proved himself to be not only a good storyteller, but a distinguished voice amongst the plethora of rappers out there. Starting as they mean to go on with Throw Ya Hands Up – a straight up boom-bap banger – the duo get those necks moving and don’t let up throughout the entire album.

The drums snap hard, none more so than in Never Gonna Change and One Thing [which features an excellent verse from Raekwon] and allow Freeway to vibe over the beat with ease. It’s easy to imagine the big man bouncing from foot to foot as he delivers his lyrics.

The subject matter flits from calling out snitches to how awesome he is to a superb objective look at how drugs have caused problems across the board from the point of view of the drug itself. Not something you’d expect from a more commercial rapper, but, once again, Rhymesayers have sprinkled their magic and it works perfectly. Even when he tries a little crooning on Freekin’ The Beat, he doesn’t fall flat, a true sign that this album worked.

Take a bow chaps, this one’s a biggun. Check the video below for the proof!