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Mike Relm – Suit Yourself

Mike Relm is a master of his craft, there is absolutely no doubt about that at all. The turntable king, who likes to be seen as an all round technician, rather than just a turntablist, has wowed many fans over the years with his original mixing, scratching and visual work at his live shows. And with the release of this DVD, you can see exactly what it is that makes Relm so popular.

Filmed during his support slot on Gift Of Gab’s tour for 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up tour in 2004, this DVD basically gives you what you want to see. It takes clips from 3 or 4 different shows on the tour, showcasing his scratching skills, his ability to get the crowd singing a John Lennon song, his beat juggling and all sorts of other amazing techniques. You even get some Gift Of Gab footage and a clip of Relm teaching you how to do up a tie.

In amongst the live footage are short interviews with the man himself, explaining why he loves what he does, how he got into the art and why he plays a track from Snoopy for the crowd. He comes across as the most down to earth guy around, happy to be able to do what he does and happy that people dig his work.

The bonus material is more showcasing of his amazing talents as he travelled the world with Money Mark and D-Sharp, going from Japan to Australia and stopping off in Europe on the way.

If you like turntablism and you want to see one of the best live DJs around, then Suit Yourself is definitely a DVD for you. It’s action packed, it has great music and above all, its fun.

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