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Viking Skull

Viking Skull
Born In Hell
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Formed as a stop-gap during Raging Speedhorn down time by assorted band and crew members, Viking Skull have always been a band on a mission. Not one for world domination or to sleep with so many women that your mum is their only unconquered relic (probably), but more with the sole aim of scamming promoters out of as much free beer as humanly possible – or as front man Roddy Stone would so eloquently put it – “get in, get fucked, and get out“.

With Guitarist Darren Smith and drummer Gordon Morison trading in their RSH heavy-duty metal for laid back rock and roll, taking former guitar tech Roddy Stone and merch manager Waldie along for the ride, the quartet have since gone on to become one of the leading lights in the UK’s now simmering rock scene. Their debut EP ‘Chapter 1‘ was released to critical acclaim in late 2003, with first full-length ‘Born In Hell‘ arriving 2 years later. Hitting the road and touring every inch of the UK between releases, the band have shared stages with everybody from Clutch to Alice Cooper, though were asked to leave the latter tour due to complications with their stage production – an issue reportedly kick started at the complaints of fellow support act Twisted Sister. The band have now headed to the USA where they have just inked a deal with Bam Margera’s new record label so expect cameos in Viva La Bam in the next few months.

Armed with a snarling don’t-give-a-fuck attitude and enough blues-filled venom to kill a cobra, Viking Skull are here to rock your bollocks off – and drink all your beer in the process!