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Since the huge success of their last album ‘In Silico’, Pendulum set themselves a high standard to live up to with this release. Could this be possible, you may ask, and the answer appears to be yes it can. In fact, their new album ‘Immersion’ appears to be their best yet, with the album going straight to number one in the UK charts on its release.

It brings yet more dance and rock infused crowd pleasers, straying even further away from their original roots and is sure to keep the listener on their feet in appreciation and sheer disbelief at how unbelievably good their new music is and just how far they have progressed as a band. Their new album continues with their signature heavy guitar riffs and buzzing bass lines, as well as drawing on inspiration from other genres like dubstep and electro house and combining them with their drum and bass and rock roots to create something magical.

The album kicks off with its opening track ‘Genesis’, which has an immense electro build up before unleashing their full sound in ‘Salt In The Wounds’ which includes a mixture of complex beats and riffs with a strong dubstep breakdown half way through. Other tracks like their single ‘Watercolour’ give the album an element of fun with electronic keyboard sounds and memorable drum beats which mix great with the infamous vocals of lead singer Rob Swire.

The album also features a track with the Prodigy’s Liam Howlett who has recently praised the band on their success and revealed that the band were a huge inspiration on their ‘Invaders Must Die’ album. Howlett appears on the song ‘Immunize’ which is certainly one of the most catchy songs on the album with its Prodigy inspired beats which is sure to be left going round in your head.

All in all, this is definitely among the band’s best material to date, at points you almost feel that, if you close your eyes, you are hearing them live with the sound so crystal clear. ‘Immersion’ certainly leaves you wondering what Pendulum could possibly do next to top it.

Lou Cooper.