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Split the Atom

Split The Atom

Who would have thought that Dutch, drum and bass trio Noisia had it in them to create such mind altering noise and complex heavy drum beats? Well, they have certainly showed what they can do with their new single, ‘Split the Atom’ which is off their recently released album of the same name.

The band have proved that they are a mark above the rest with this new song and its use of cleverly infused sounds which build up into an epic percussion line consisting of aggressive synths, dark drum beats and reverberating echoes of distant voices; all of which send you into another world. The song completely reflects the band’s personality; it’s loud, intricate and it gives the listener an insight into the creative minds of these Dutch geniuses.

The single release also includes two remixes of the song by Ed Rush & Optical and Bar 9. The Ed Rush remix brings more of a dance element to the music whilst still keeping those strong bass lines and dramatic build-ups. Whereas the Bar 9 track is a lot darker and gives a grimier, dirtier dubstep feel to the music.

All are without doubt great songs and are definitely worth a listen.

Lou Cooper.