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Purity Ring x Danny Brown

Purity Ring x Danny Brown
‘Belispeak II’

This shouldn’t work but it does. Two artists who are almost the polar opposite of each other in terms of style but who are receiving a similar level of hype and appreciation in the blogosphere have re-imagined an existing track with spine-tingling results. Purity Ring’s ‘Belispeak‘ is a bonafide beauty of a track and here it gets remixed slightly and is graced with some Danny Brown rhymes. The rapper’s inimitable style stands out like a sore thumb on the understated electronic softness of the track but somehow the additional pulsating glitches added to this version meld with Brown’s groove creating an utterly addictive take on ‘Belispeak’.

What we wouldn’t give to see these guys tour together… Or maybe create an entire collaborative album. Just re-work the whole of ‘Shrines’. Why not!

Words: Sarah Maynard