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Watch OFF!’s Hypnotized video with David Yow


OFF!‘s new video for their ‘Hypnotized‘ track features none other than David Yow from the Jesus Lizard dressed as a caped crusader with a nose full of chore fighting T.S.O.L’s Jack Grisham!

Quite fitting considering the last time I had the pleasure of meeting David Yow was in a dressing room at a Girls Against Boys / Done Lying Down show at the Venue in New Cross in the 90s. He asked about what UK weed I had on me, told him it was quite strong and he yeah-yeah’ed me, taking a massive woof on my bowl with a look of “I know what’s up” on his face….he puked his guts up ten minutes later.

Anyway, back to this OFF! video. It’s fucking rad. What more did you expect from hardcore’s leaders right now? New album ‘Wasted Years’ cannot come soon enough.

April 7th on Vice. Pre-order it.