Tense Men

Tense_Men_When_Dull_Care_Is_ForgottenTense Men
Where Dull Care Is Forgotten
Faux Discx

Comprising of members from Sauna Youth, Cold Pumas and Omi Palone, namely Rich, Ollie and Liam, together, these three enigmas are Tense Men.

Aside from an unnamed cassette release on Cazenove Tapes a couple of years ago, -back when Tense Men operated as a two piece- little has been heard of this minimalistic trio until now. Tense Men have finally arrived with a mini LP, Where Dull Care Is Forgotten.

‘Stages of Boredom’ sets the tone here. Creeping in with a walking bass and tight, linear guitar riffing. A formula which is applied to most of the six tracks featured on this LP.

The concentrated repetition of ‘RNRFON’ is almost enough to induce a psychiatric episode. The drums and bass lock together so tightly here it’s comparable to having your head stuck in a vice. This is arguably the highest point of the LP and is to be played at no less than full volume to ensure you feel some serious pressure around your skull.

Title track ‘Where Dull Care Is Forgotten’ is almost reminiscent of King Krule and his vocal musings, with steady held notes building in volume to create an accommodating blank canvas for singer/guitarist Ollie Fisher’s haunting drawl.

Closing number ‘Opiate Glow’ finally unleashes the grit that Tense Men have pent up over the past five tracks. Just when you think they’ve ironed out every crease with their tight, close knit chords-a-scratching structures, they step on the distortion and screw it all back up again.

Where Dull Care Is Forgotten is a claustrophobic collection of experimental punk that lives up to the band’s name. Clocking out at just over 20 minutes, these boldly minimalistic jams confirm Tense Men’s sound as raw, stripped back and increasingly intense. Each track boasts a stiff and rigid attitude with repetition at its core, sure to leave you firmly on edge and anxious for more of Tense Men’s mysterious melody.

Where Dull Care Is Forgotten is due for release March 10th 2014 via Faux Discx.

Dave Palmer