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Raekwon writing autobiography

raekwonWu-Tang member Raekwon has announced that he is planning to begin work on his autobiography soon. The rapper who played the HMV Forum this month, his second UK show spoke to AllHipHop and commented on his latest mission: “That’s in the making soon. I just gotta deal with certain things at certain times in my life. When it’s time to happen, yeah I got a great story and I’m going to tell the truth. It’ll be something that you can jump on a plane or get on the bus and say: ‘Yo that kid evolved as a man‘”.

Of his life, the rapper said: “I aint perfect, nobody’s perfect. We all do dumb shit and we all get caught up in certain situations but at the end of the day I know I became a man. I’m not no sucker nigga running around not doing right by my children, or raising them the wrong way. I’m in their life, I wish I could be in their more. But daddy gotta work. I got a vicious story that I’ma tell sooner or later“.

Look out for updates on this via his tweets and click here for a review of his London show.