Nirvana’s 20th Anniversary ‘Nevermind’ boxset

nevermind_sleeveNirvana’s 20th Anniversary of Nevermind will be celebrated on September 19th with the release of a Super Deluxe Edition box set from Universal. The 4-CD/1-DVD package will include previously unreleased tracks, rarities, b-sides, BBC radio appearances, alternative mixes, rare live recordings and an unreleased concert in its entirety on DVD.

Even though this was Nirvana’s most pop moment, Nevermind put a swift end to cock rock and blew the faggots out of the rock music zine almost overnight. Bands left, right and centre were running around cutting their hair, buying lumberjack-off shirts and cutting holes in their jeans whilst pretending to know who The Melvins were when this was being played on every radio station around the world.

The only negative from this news today is that I have just remembered how old I am. Press play on this for some good, old fashioned memories and get hyped on Nirvana’s most punk moment from Nevermind with Territorial Pissings.

2 thoughts on “Nirvana’s 20th Anniversary ‘Nevermind’ boxset”

  1. Oh boy. A box set giving us what we likely already all have: b-sides, stuff from the other box set, the Peel Sessions and other rarities already very popularly collected on the outcesticide bootlegs, and a “previously unreleased” concert that is probably something totally common like a MTV show and that we all probably have on bootleg already. All remastered to be ridiculously loud and brickwalled into lifelessness, so that our old versions sound way better anyway. Way to line Courtney’s pockets with more drug money that she’s too skanky to earn whoring.

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