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Jane’s not addicted

Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell have been hitting out at one another in the press.

Talking of the band’s third split [in 2002], Farrell said that the band fell apart after Navarro started to front the reality show Rock Star on TV. Navarro’s reply came on his blog saying that this couldn’t be the case as he only got the call about hosting the show after Navarro’s side project had begun recording a demo.

Farrell then countered that he [Farrell] “brought Jane’s Addiction to life, it is only fitting that I am the one to bury her” which Navarro recently replied to by saying:

“OK. So which is it? “‘Rock Star’? He broke it up? We did? Either way it was four years ago so I think it’s about time to let it go.”

Apparently we all care.