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Ice Cube Slams Bush

Rapper Ice Cube has spoken out against the American administration recently, claiming he sees no difference between the way America is run and how Iraq was run when Saddam was in charge. His upcoming album, Laugh Now, Cry Later includes a track about American law enforcement and Bush, called Why We Thugs.

He went on to say that he knows people who have been tortured in jail and people who have been pulled out of their house in the middle of the night, but “we just call them LAPD. We call ’em sheriffs. Saddam wasn’t out there doing it with his own hands. He had his people. His people worked for the federal government. Same tactics. There’s nothing happening in Iraq that ain’t happening here on this soil, so, to me, it’s the same shit.”

On a music related note, we were invited over to Virgin records to hear the new Ice Cube album this week and it is the shit, so look out for more when we know or go to for all the shnizzle.