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Rio Grande Blood
(13th Planet Records)

Having been clean from heroin for the last four years many could question whether Al Jourgensen still has the same vision and creativity upon which his Ministry work is known for. Hell even Al himself questioned it. But upon listening to ‘Rio Grande Blood’ all fears are dispelled immediately. Al has not only returned to form, he’s returned with possibly his most political and heaviest work to date.

‘Rio Grande Blood’ can only be described as a relentless assault on the senses from start to finish, much like being repeatedly beaten around the head with a blunt instrument. There simply is no let up. Whether it’s the marine inspired ‘Gangreen’ complete with Sergeant screaming obscenities, or the fist pounding, riot inducing anthems such as ‘Lies, Lies, Lies’ and the title track ‘Rio Grande Blood’ is a perfect example of industrial heavy fucking metal at its finest.

Col Rothwell