Live Reviews

The Fall Of Troy – Live

Kingston Peel

The Fall of Troy are bringing sweaty back here at The Peel tonight. The day is muggy and all these people crammed into one teeny place isn’t conducive to a flawless performance. However, this threesome knows how to rock. They take a while to kick in and the crowd is waiting with baited breath. Frank Black’s (yes, that is the new bassists’s name) dreadlocks are flying with fury to the jarring, angular rock riffs that are being spat out of the PA.

Frontman Thomas is being quite particular with the sound tonight, urging the sound guy to adjust the settings slightly as it’s coming across as ‘chaotic’. He’s not wrong there. The crowd starts to move and Thomas is quick to declare “Moshing is for people who can’t dance. Swing your hips, not your arms.”

The crazy bass and guitar lines begin again and the response is incredibly enthusiastic when it all starts to come together. When this band falters on occasion throughout the set (it is fucking hot after all), it becomes part and parcel of their whole persona. Messy yet precise in their approach and their sound. This is orchestrated insanity at its best and they even throw in a Slayer riff! The Fall of Troy rock out wildly but the heat makes them weary towards the end of the evening.

Thomas re-appears for an encore which includes an insertion of Weezer’s ‘Butterfly‘. Then they get their groove back and start back with the heavy shit, pummeling into a punishing finale. It was clearly an effort. But it was clearly worth it.