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Kids In Glass Houses

Kids In Glass Houses
Smart Casual

Having toured tirelessly around the UK for many months, building a name for themselves with a killer live show and the help of key players in the rock press, KIGH finally inked a deal with Road Runner Records and have now produced a piece of work that should be considered the culmination of their exemplary efforts over the past eighteen months or so. But does it live up to the hype?

To be honest, this record isn’t quite as immediate as I expected it to be. Sure it’s poppy with driving riffs to satisfy those who’re into their more rocky edge, but there’s something about the production that just doesn’t quite fulfill this band’s massive potential in as satisfying a way as I would’ve liked. Fisticuffs is a great opener but for all its energy, it should really pack a bit more of a punch. With the next few tracks, Kids roll out the ‘hits’ with the sublimely melodic choruses that made them a live favourite amongst UK teens on their many countrywide touring slots. Easy Tiger is as memorable as ever but Give Me What I Want comes across as a bit lacklustre.

The tracks that follow continue the soaring melodic feel with balladry and further poptastic gems. It’s all very familiar but there are moments that stand out with pure brilliance. Lovely Bones has some guitar work reminiscent of U2 but KIGH somehow manage to get away with this (God knows how). For each moment of genius, you can’t help but hope for a bit of variation in tempo at some point. It’s all a bit mid-paced. However, the little hooks in vocal lines really do keep you locked in. And there’s no denying that frontman Aled has one hell of a voice.

This is an album of pure pop songs, there’s no doubting that. On the whole they’re totally appealing and sure to be the toast of teenage Britain. Kids have the potential to produce something completely brilliant but until then we have a handful of pop-rock beauties entwined with a few tracks that don’t quite make the grade.