Live Reviews

Peaches – Live

London Forum

Storming the set with ‘DowntownPeaches unconventionally starts her set above the crowd on the stairwell in the same mask as on her flyer. Sliding down the banister, onto the stage, in a provocative manner for ‘Fuck or Kill’ she breaks her robot moves to spunk it up a bit for the million photographers adoring her every move.

Cleary the teaches of Peaches is no longer just about fucking the pain away, and pimping her tracks to randy adolescents, as the unlikely mix of crowd covers a broad balanced spectrum for a change. An older, mature, and definitely still sexy woman graces the stage fully clothed, and without the strap-on she wore thin behind a white veiled screen over the last tour.

Playing 80s guitar with her wild retro hair the mix of eclectic sounds could be somewhat confusing. Ranging from the almost dub-esque beats of ‘Felix Partz’ to the rock out song, non-surprisingly, called ‘Rock Show’, Peaches is a definite 1-off with no other band braving the same raw and crude sound. Another example of self-produced success, which has paved the way for other bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

This tour round, the stage sports more eye candy as Peaches is supported by the 2 Le Tigre look-alike twin guitarists, and the Blondie look-a-like drummer Sam Maloney (you may know her from The Hole), who is stuck under a wind machine and breast insinuating drum kit. After the catchy shouting of ‘You Love It’, the Berlin goddess launches into infamous 2 Many DJs track ‘Fuck the Pain Away’.

Tattooed sex gods grace the stage to peel off the remaining leg warmers whilst Peaches straddles a roadster bicycle to the track ‘Lovertits‘. ‘Shake yer Dix’ gets the crowd…*ahem* in some instances gyrating…true story! Just when you think things will settle down a huge blow up dick is kicked into the crowd, as Peaches strips off yet another layer of clothing whilst ‘AA XXX’ plays in the background. ‘Slippery Dick’ is played in tribute to the missing blow up consumed by the crowd. The sequence runs so smoothly you would think she expected it to go missing. Perhaps trial and error from previous shows?

A suddenly chatty Peaches snarls something about Peaches Geldof, and then breaks into ‘I U She’, ‘Stick it to The Pimp‘ whilst busting her finest pole dancing moves, stripping away yet more layers…you would think she would be naked by now as she rages on stage in her black knickers set…but she keeps it coming.

After a further 3 songs in her encore she comes back with 3 medals proudly mocking “I would give out 2165 medals tonight to say ‘I love you’…but I don’t!…I only have 3 medals…”. More rock than disco inferno, Peaches proves she is still punk as fuck and a hell of a lot of fun to catch live!

Words and photos by Niki Kova’cs