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Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari
Sorry You’re Not A Winner
(Ambush Reality)

You’ve got to respect Enter Shikari – despite the bun fight of labels after them they’re sticking to their roots and releasing their debut single ‘Sorry You’re Not a Winner’ on their own Ambush Reality label. Having had to recently upgrade their Mean Fiddler show to the Astoria, enjoyed a nomination at the Kerrang awards and killer shows at the Reading and Leeds festivals it’s not bad going for group of guys who were relatively unknown this time last year.

Having released their first offering ‘Mothership‘ digitally, ‘Sorry You’re Not a Winner’ is being released on CD and limited edition colour 7″. It’s a heady mix of metalcore and trance like beats, lyrics screamed out so hard that the rising tension is palpable. The lyrics are too blurred to create images for the listener, so it’s down to the guitars and effects to draw up feelings and emotions – and that’s where Enter Shikari step into their own. The disco vibe layered over heavy riffs and biting guitars mesh with the wonderfully incoherent lyrics, barked out by frontman Rou. This is what The Automatic try to be – this raw, jagged offering is the real deal, fresh, vicious and very very exciting.

Enter Shikari are home-grown talent at it’s best. Progressive, innovative and something different from the endless indie bands that all merge into one another after a few drinks. Full of an acidic zest, ‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’ is the real deal, it’ll grab you by the scruff of your neck and enthral you – turn up and the volume and enjoy, this is a sheer delight.