Live Reviews

Manchester Orchestra – live

Scala, London
13th February 2008

Manchester Orchestra will always get the two thumbs up from me. I’m writing this review now whilst sitting on the bus on my way home from their Scala gig and listening to them on my iPod. So you get the picture that I pretty much love these guys already.

Tonight’s show wasn’t their favourite London show they’ve ever done, but they’ve promised me they’ll top the King’s College gig, which gave Andy a break from singing whilst the crowd took over and sang the majority of their “I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child” album back at them., leaving the whole place bristling that something very special had happened.

A blinding set featuring songs from their debut album, plus a couple of teasers from the new album, on it’s way very soon. The second track, which was called something like “Shake It Out”, but I was too lost in the moment to fully hear what Andy Hull was saying, was fucking amazing, and was definitely whetting the audience’s appetites for what’s to come.

The usual Andy solo performance at the end was accompanied by a rare show of his side project song, which enthralled all those there and just topped off this night to perfection, despite the odd atmosphere that Scala always brings.

I’ve seen Manchester Orchestra live about six times now, because they are a band that instantly gives you that feeling they really care about their music. With them playing over 250 shows a year for some time now, these are hard-working lads but they put everything they can into every performance, and humbly thank everyone for being at the show. And when they say it, you know the truly mean it.

Right, ‘Sleeper 1979’ has just started paying in my ears and I’m pissed from the bottle of Jack Daniels the boys gave me to say thanks, so this is it. Manchester Orchestra are amazing, and you should all know this by now. Shame on you if you don’t.