Live Reviews

Funeral For A Friend – Live

King’s College, London

Before the magic that is Funeral For A Friend begins, I get to see something that is truly rare. A band that I’ve never seen or heard before that manages to impress in the live stakes without that prior connection. In Case of Fire have a very polished approach to the music they make which ends up sounding somewhere between a more straightforwardly rocking Muse and a much more disciplined Fall of Troy when they start to use effects etc. Vocalist Steven Robinson has one of those ethereal yet potently strong voices that can carry a melody with absolute assurity.

After the scene has been set the crowd waits anxiously for Funeral For A Friend. This is a band who I last saw five years ago in a supporting role at the 100 club. How far they have come – Top 5 albums, selling out Brixton Academy, winning countless awards. The list really does go on and on. But FFAF have not forgotten who they are or gotten carried away with re-inventing themselves as each new album comes around. The progression to this current moment when they are readying themselves to self-release their forthcoming album has been very natural and wholly unforced.

FFAF bust out all the golden oldies tonight – Juneau, This Years Most Open Heartbreak,10.45 Amsterdam Conversations, She Drove Me To Daytime TV… Matt Davies is the perfect ringleader, calling for audience singalongs where appropriate and jovially bounding around the stage, punctuating the music with jokey asides. New songs Beneath The Burning Tree and Waterfront Dance Club were received with equal glee by the overtly enthusiastic crowd and it’s clear that this band is ready to take it to yet another level.