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Annihilation Time

Annihilation Time
III : Tales of The Ancient Age

Filthy denim cutdown (check), bullet belt (check), battered Vans (check), beers ‘n buds (check), cigarettes ‘n skateboard decks (check)… trusty C90 comp tape of ‘Lizzy, ‘Sabbath, Stooges, ‘Flag, RKL ‘n ‘tallica… (check)… okay, let’s get this fucker in the stereo and do it!

It’s been three long years since their last album, but rest assured AT ain’t been stagnating, and “III : Tales of The Ancient Age” finds these Filth Hounds from Oakland in storming form as they explode with 10 spanking new tracks that fuse the very finest Hard Rock, Hardcore and Thrash Metal.

There’s not a weak song amongst ’em, but after repeated spins the stickouts for me were belting opener “Splashback“, snotty ‘n sonic Rocker “Get a Job”, “Bald Headed Woman” with it’s AC/DC styled bad boy boogie, the short sharp “Jonestown”, booze fuelled anthem “Just Guzzlin”… and closing number “Germ Freak (I Ain’t No)” a self proclaimed “filthy, disgusting and lewd” ode to living in the gutter… which has a very neat, neat, neat bass line… heh!

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Pete Craven