Live Reviews

Death Cab For Cutie – Live

Electric Ballroom

Death Cab For Cutie are one of those bands that you know will always be with you. You liked them from a while back and they just continue to better themselves with each and every album. And they’re creative so always making music (even if it’s other collaborations or solo projects) and hardworking so often on tour. One of life’s constants. Well, as constant as a band can be.

So their ‘intimate’ show at the Electric Ballroom was bound to be a success. These guys are just pros. There’s no need for chatter or banter with the audience, the songs speak for themselves and Death Cab just get on with it. The understated epic nature of new single I Will Possess Your Heart followed the sweet simplicity of I Will Follow You Into The Dark mid-set to provide the core of the evening. A smattering of oldies rewarded those folks who’ve been with the band the longest or have made the effort to get to know their entire catalogue with the heart-melting 405 being whipped out of the bag for the band’s substantial encore. It’s gems like this that make you remember why you fell in love with this band in the first place.

A few of the newer songs didn’t seem to really add much to proceedings but that’s always the way when bands first play new material. And the generally seamless flow of the set made up for any slight blips. Narrow Stairs may not have the instantaneous appeal that Plans had but its deftly crafted in the way that all Death Cab songs are and will no doubt become a treasured collection of songs in many an indie fan’s collection. It’s the fact that this band can draw on such an extensive catalogue that will always make their live performances special. A mixture of old and new is where it’s at and these Seattlites know it. Couple this with their flawless musicianship and ability to create the most beautiful of songs and you’re bound to have a near perfect performance every time.

Sarah Maynard