Live Reviews

Brutal Knights Live

with Shitty Limits
Cross Kings, London
September 17th

Pic by Ben ‘motherfucking‘ Norton

There’s no limit to how shitty the Shitty Limits actually are. These Guildford based punks play with such a snotty attitude you can practically feel yourself slipping on the sticky green phlegm they dribble from ever pore as they crank out ultra lo-fi raw-as-fuck garage hardcore punk like a car collision between the Rip Offs, The Germs, Angry Samoans and The Adolescents.

When bassist Ellis chucks his axe to the floor at the end of their set it instantly splits in too like the cheapest, crappiest Woolworths guitar that must have cost no more than 50p. Perfect.

Brutal Knights hail from Toronto, Canada and again, they’re what happens when hardcore punks play garage punk rock n’roll. The Datsuns they are not. This is cranked up, high-velocity, rapid-fire, high-speed, in your face rock n’roll that burns scorch marks into either side of the venue and burns our eyebrows clear off with songs like ‘Grow Up Throw Up‘ and ‘I Wanna Die‘ while frontman Nick Flanagan screams his lungs dry with his dirty jeans round his ankles, naked from the waste up, falling over his jeans. And I swear you can see a brown stain smeared up his white Y-fronts. The dirty fuck.

Fucking brutal shit stained rock n’roll. You know you want it you slags.

James Sherry