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Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World
Big Casino

It’s been a long time coming, but Arizona’s finest have finally rewarded our patience and hit the ground running with new album ‘Chase This Light‘. Recorded and produced over 3 long years, the band finally gave us a taster of what they had in store for us in the fine form of forthcoming single Big Casino.

From the offset the wailing guitars and pounding bass line erupt into the kind of track that instantly lodges itself into the darkest recesses of your brain. They’ve recaptured the edginess of Bleed American and Clarity, whilst Jim Adkins’s song writing – so beautifully showcased in Futures, has even sharper facets and heartfelt levels. Sublime harmonies, intelligent lyrics encased in addictive riffs have produced a powerful and passionate single from the godfathers of emo rock.

Big Casino whets your appetite for the main course of ‘Chase This Light‘ – ‘I’m a New Jersey success story’ will be winding through your head all day – enjoy!

Dee Massey