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Many bands find it very difficult to mix metal and electro/dubstep together, but not Crossfaith. They mix the two into pure beauty.

The Japanese 5-piece use electric sound effects to add catchy melody and unique, well formed structures and have clearly developed since their debut album ‘The Dream, The Space’ released back in 2011.

‘Jagerbomb’ was recently released as the band’s first single from ‘Zion’. The song consists of head-banging riffs and deadly screams that can drop a man dead. They somehow manage to make heavy screaming music into something that you can jump around as if you were a kangaroo.

‘Dialogue’ starts with a slow, tense electronic beat which reminds you of old school rave reminiscent of the late 80’s scene and ends with some epic wob. Only time will tell whether they’ll fit in with the UK’s hardcore scene, as they are set to support Bring Me The Horizon on their UK tour this April so put that in your dairy and look out for the EP which is out now.

Sean Hendrie