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Minds Eye
Modular People Records

Australia is not really that famous for it’s rock and roll, well i guess The Saints are probably up there in my own personal opinion but they were more of a punk band anyway. But, now Wolfmother have taken Australia by storm and they are growing in your territory as i type this review. On a recent surf trip, i met a few Aussies (always my favourite squeezes) and they mentioned how much this band have blown up in Oz with expectations being high.

For a 3-piece they make a huge sound thanks to the help of one Mr Dave Sardy (producer of Hundred Reasons, Jet, Hot Hot Heat and also an ex Barkmarket member – what, you never heard this band?) who has lifted Minds Eye into another dimension. To get to the point, this is huge 70’s rock groove akin to Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin led by the sustained vocals of Andrew Stockdale.

Wolfmother have everything set up in front of them to take to the big stage and put on a show that will leave people wanting to rock out with their cocks out. But take note, this is real, it’s not Spinal Tap….it’s actually your spine on tap once you have discovered the beauty of what they have arranged.

The album will hit the UK soon and we are sure this band will rule the festival circuit this year but if you want a sneak listen to some album tracks from the Modular site then click here.