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Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling
Bang For The Buck
All City Music

The lovable trio from Long Beach California are back with a new album chock full of happy beats and what can only be described as fun-on-record. If you like your hip hop to be a ray of sunshine with amiable rapping, then do yourself a favour and check this new release that drops this week.

Now on All City, Ugly Duckling come through with chunky drums, awesome brass samples and some vocal delights, especially on Andy vs Dizzy where the 2 MCs try to battle it out to prove they’re the best in the group.

With Thes One up on Shoot Your Shot, you can’t help by wiggle and wind to the typical People Under The Stairs style beat. But it’s the organ led Yudee! which asks the listener who they want to hear, with the obvious answer being “Yuuuuuuudeeee!” which takes the prize on this album. And when the chorus asks for a clap, don’t be surprised to find yourself sitting there clapping along. Just go with it, it’s all good.

They might be Ugly Ducklings, but the sound is pure Swan shit. Crank up the volume and dance!