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This Is My Demo
D-Cypha /All City Music

The most hyped UK artist in years has finally dropped his album, after what seems like an eon of waiting. On the back of his critically acclaimed and furiously bought This Is My Promo mixtapes, the London born rapper has served up a nice mixed bag for the album.

Underground smash Up Your Speed finds its way onto the album, thundering along with heavy basslines and a killer verse from the main man and is joined on the CD by Flo Fashion, another big hit from his mixtape days.

But Sway doesn’t just keep it there, he throws in feel good vibes like Products, chilled out RnB numbers and showcases his talent both as a rapper and a producer. His lyrics, as ever, are both witty and intelligent, switching from conscious street smarts to straight up joker antics.

The UK scene doesn’t need any hype with Sway, he’s here, he’s delivered and he’s ready to wipe out any competitors. As he says in his last single, Little Derek’s doing OK, Little Derek’s doing fine!