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3615 TTC
(Big Dada)

You know the deal when some girl just won’t leave you alone. She’s forever calling your phone, bombarding you with constant annoying texts and just won’t accept that your voicemail means you don’t wanna talk. Well, even for us guys who’ve never been popular with the ladies, let’s just pretend that sales people who keep calling you trying to sell you shit is a broad who won’t leave things be.

Still with me? Good. TTC, the french collective featuring Teki Latex, Tido Berman and Cuizinier, coupled with DJ Orgasmic on the beat for this track, have penned this absolute cracker of a jam, all about girls who won’t stop calling them. In fact, it gets so bad for them that Teki starts thinking about Dinosaurs because phone’s weren’t around then – lucky bloody Raptors!

TTC’s electro-hip hop gets floors packed and people dancing and this track from their recent album 3615 TTC is an extension of the amazing stuff they did on Batards Sensibles. Even if you can’t understand the words, you’ll understand the language of fat fucking beats and when you’re busy dancing with new girls whilst trying to forget the old ones, you won’t give a shit what language its in.

Now then, how do I put this thing on silent…