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Waiting For The Next End Of The World

A genuine D.C. and Dischord Records super-group, Channels feature members of Jawbox, Kerosene 454 and Burning Airlines. Spearheaded by Jawbox mainman J Robbins, Channels is classic Washington D.C. post-hardcore pop all the way, with Robbins crafting some of his finest songs and addictive melodies since the early-nineties heyday of Jawbox before they took the major label route and promptly floundered.

While his previous group Burning Airlines showed promise, they never quite lived up to the high standards that Jawbox set but ‘Waiting For The Next End Of The World’ sees Robbins back on form and tracks like ‘The New Mandarins’ and ‘The Licensee’ are crammed full of raw emotion and melodies that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. You could, if you were lazy, call this emo but Channels have nothing to do with the cry-baby indie rock fashion parade that has taken on the phrase. Channels harks back to the eighties D.C. emotive hardcore rock of Rites Of Spring, Embrace and Fugazi and is worth it’s weight in gold. Get it!

James Sherry