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The Evens

The Evens
Get Evens
(Dischord Records)

In 2006, Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina toured their debut self titled album and graced us with a show in London that will never be forgotten.

In 2007, they have ‘Get Evens’ that carries on where the last tune on their debut finished. A baritone guitar, 2 voices and drums can go a long way and this superb duo have blended their skills once again in bringing us wonderfully mixed acoustic tracks with messages and observations that can only be described as politically influenced but without the obvious anarchic wrangling of your average 70’s punk band.

MacKaye’s Fugazi influence though is something you will never be able to take away from him and why would you as it’s so uniquely beautiful that most would want him to go back and crack out another album but I guess when you have records as good as this on offer there’s no point.

Stand out songs include ‘Everybody Knows’ (which I’m sure is about Bush), ‘Dinner with the President’, ‘All You Find You Keep’, ‘No Money’, ‘You Fell Down’ – in fact the whole album has a constant stream of good energy from start to finish showing off songwriting skills and shining vocals to serve up another fantastic album from The Evens that you should own. Roll on number 3!