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Speck Mountain

Speck Mountain
Summer Above

It’s that time of the year when the best chilled records are being lined up to be released just in time for those first rays of UK sun. Last year I managed to get consistently wrecked and mangled to Brightblack Morning Light’s unbelievable dreamy long player, but this year I have a sneaky feeling that Speck Mountain may have just made a claim for the come down record of 2008.

Sleeping comfortably in the noisy realms of Chicago, this 3-piece fronted by the 60’s infused vocals of Marie-Claire Balabanian use various instruments to provide a laid back soundtrack that would not be out of place in a record store laying next to classics such as Mazzy Star and The Velvet Underground. Close your eyes and think about a mix of pulsating vintage organs, lazy piano’s, teasing guitar riffs and lo-fi percussion and you are almost there. ‘Summer Above’ is a wonderfully dreamy folk and indie record that will melt your mind and take you on a journey, look out for it this month.

Zac Slack