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Rocket From The Crypt

Rocket From The Crypt

Ever wondered how James Brown would have sounded, had he tried his hand at punked-up rock n’ roll? We’ll never know for sure, but thanks to Rocket From The Crypt, we won’t have to imagine too hard.

The San Diego sextet were impressive enough on record, but live, they were nothing short of electrifying; blasting out their brass-laden, sweat-soaked anthems with no shortage of swagger and a fine sense of showmanship. Soul Brother No. 1 would have definitely approved.

‘R.I.P.’ is a CD/DVD recording of the band’s last ever show; a hometown gig that took place on Halloween in 2005. It was never going to be a tearful,subdued affair; a fact made clear when the band take the stage in ridiculous fancy dress outfits and blast into ‘French Guy‘ with all the restraint of a pack of hungry dogs in a butcher’s shop. It sets the tone for the whole show, and you can only marvel at how on earth the band managed to play with such intensity, night after night, for nigh-on sixteen years.

On this side of the Atlantic, RFTC were best known for their mid-90’s hit ‘On A Rope‘. A great tune, indeed, but by no means the best that the band had to offer. Check out ‘I’m Not Invisible‘ on the link above, and if you weren’t lucky enough to see them live, then be thankful for this chance to catch up on what you missed.

Oh, and be sure to play it LOUD. It’s what they would’ve wanted!

Alex Gosman