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Besöket Vid Krubban
(Hate Records)

A coupla years back a friend of mine played me a copy of SkitkidsOnna For Pleasure” 12″… oh man, I was hooked… this wasn’t just ordinary D-Beat friends, this was full throttle outta control D-Beat that sounded like it had been thrown in a bender with Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke, Filthy Animal Taylor, live ammo and half a gallon of paraffin. In other words – furious and downright explosive!

Well, steel yourselves folks, cuz “Besöket Vid Krubban” is their brand new slab of vinyl, and it’s an absolute riot as these Swedish hellheads blaze though seven incendiary numbers that will have your head banging and fist pumping, the momentum is unrelenting, and I know I might be a biting off more than I can chew here… but this is already shaping up as Record of Year.

Decontrol… rockNfukkenroll… you just know it makes sense!

Pete Craven