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Living Legends

Living Legends
The Gathering
(Legendary Music)

California’s Living Legends crew are back with a new record, which boasts every single MC on every single track and this 7 track CD does not disappoint.

The massive basslines are what comes to fore especially on the tracks She Wants Me and Pants On Fire. Having crew-sung choruses also helps the sound of record, getting your head popping and your fist pumping as you imagine just how good this sort of music would sound live. And, having seen this crew play live twice, I can vouch for the fact that shit would kick.

The production all the way through is tight and all the rappers bring their A-game. No, this isn’t just another cliché riddled review, it’s the truth. Even Eligh, who I never really got down with, hits the high spots on these tracks. The song you can hear by clicking the link above is She Wants Me, which is coupled with a brilliant video parodying Flavor Flav’s Flavor Of Love show.

As usual it’s Murs and Lucky that steal the show, but the whole of the Living Legends can be proud to have gathered for this one.