Crossfire Buzzbombs: 10 new tracks for March

White Glove – Division Street

Let’s kick this off with some fun shit by Portland trio White Glove who bring a wedge of dope, lo-fi steez to the table. Their ‘Summertime’ EP just hit the web this month ahead a full album release. Track it down. – Zac

Bad Breeding – Age of Nothing

Mixing British punk vocals with forceful, raging hardcore and severing noise, Stevenage based Bad Breeding have only one track on offer right now after their 5 months in existence but what an introduction. This debut track absolutely fucking rips. Look out for this lot on the road whilst they hone their craft, they will be ones to watch this year without a doubt. – Zac

Jay Reatard – ‘Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle’

He may have passed away with an overdose back in 2010 but Jay Reatard left this dope Nirvana cover as part of an Record Store Day tribute album that will be available in April. He sounds like a dalek on this making it even more creepy than before. Ceremony’s cover of ‘Tourettes’ from this release has got to be the stand out. Until then, this is a great taster… – Zac

Pusrad – Smartrams EP

Pusrad feature ex-members of absolutely mental 80s high-speed jazz-hardcore-freak-out Swedish band Raped Teenagers and time has not mellowed them. The latest Pusrad EP features four songs on one side of 7” vinyl, of which only one track exceeds the twenty-second mark. Yet, in that twenty seconds Pusrad cram in time-changes, middle eights, versus and choruses, all played at hyper-speed with spot-on precision and timing. They really are something quite special. Blink and you’ll miss them. – James Sherry

NO – ‘Great Space’

It’s fair to say that The Shitty Limits were one of the best things to happen in UK punk rock over the last ten years; since their split they’re fractured into a zillion different bands and projects and here’s another. Not only do NO have one of the best punk rock band names ever, they also create a blistering high-speed noise that is smothered in feedback, fuzz, filth and distortion. How could you possibly say No to that? – James Sherry

Solids – ‘Cold Hands’

From Montreal, Solids are the finest two piece band to have graced my ears as of late. Their debut album Blame Confusion is out now and a sure must have for 2014. Crammed full of scuzzy, post-punk belters, all of which travel faster than full throttle, ‘Cold Hands’ is where this album reaches climax. It sounds absolutely unstoppable. – Dave Palmer

Rasputin’s Secret Police – ‘Zoe’

This duo are so underground it hurts. Locked away in the basements of Philadelphia for over 13 years, exclusively available to those in the know, Rasputin’s Secret Police are finally reaching out to a wider audience with this stonking new track. Lyrically a jab at a less than loyal ex-girlfriend, you can hear the sentiment in singer/guitarist Brandon’s sincere vocal, coupled with a groove so tight it feels like it could snap at any second, this is impossible to listen to and keep still. – Dave Palmer

Viet Cong – ‘Bunker Buster’

Canada’s music scene goes from strength to strength with various new bands emerging that are on our radar this year. Viet Cong is a new project you should be aware of that featuring ex members of ‘Women’. Their stunning new track delivers beautiful musical jamming and spacious sounds that will melt your ears. The full album cannot come soon enough. – Zac

Silo – ‘Stationary’

After 13 years of silence, Danish rock trio Silo are set to release a new album for April 2014. The first glimpse of Silo’s new twisted metal sound comes in the form of ‘Stationary’. Digitally sculpted guitars and dark, synchronized beats create deep, industrious drones. This is one to close your eyes to and let the monotonous vibrations take over. – Dave Palmer

King Khan & The Shrines – ‘Road Tape’

The best way to end this round up is with one of the most sensational mixtapes we have heard in a while. It has the lot, from soul to rock n’roll, to funk and hip hop, but all put together in the graceful way only King Khan knows. These fellas tour the UK next month, so don’t miss them, as Khan brings only the purest of high entertainment and a night out you will never forget. Until next month… – Zac