‘Thirty-One Premature Ejaculations’

Back in the dark and distant eighties there was a band from Sweden called Raped Teenagers. Despite the admittedly horrible name, they were actually completely brilliant; a highly invented, super-fast-jazzy-spazzy hardcore punk band who pretty much took the genre as far as it could possibly go without it cracking around the edges. Or so we thought.

Pusrad feature two members of Raped Teenagers. I don’t know which two because I can’t find any information about the actual members.The full extent of their ‘biog’ on their website reads “two guys from an old shitty hardcore band. We like short songs.” Whilst the first statement is wrong and self-deprecating, the second part certainly can’t be denied. Pusrad only deal in short songs. So far they have recorded 31 songs, released on a tape (entitled ‘Thirty-One Premature Ejaculations’) and across various comps, singles and EPs.

The entire 31 songs whizz by in less than eleven minutes. The longest song ‘Errare Humanium Est’ clocks in at a whopping thirty-seven seconds. Don’t, however, presume that they deal in nothing but monotone short blasts of Anal Cunt inspired grindcore noise, there’s so much going on in Pusrad’s music listening to them makes your head spin.

They have more happening in their twenty-second songs than most bands do in their traditional four minute structures, Pusrad just do it at hyper-speed. Weird, contorted, bewilderingly fast, this is the most mental music you’ll hear in 2014 and it’s as punk as absolute fuck.

James Sherry