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Plastic Little

Plastic Little
She’s Mature
(Free News/Tone Arm)

Sometimes you want to hear tracks with insightful lyrics, tales of interweaving lives, dramas of everyday life, that kind of thing. And sometimes you just want to hear some filth.

So when the chorus hits in with “I hope the DJ will play me a club banger, bring your banger to the club, find a bitch, bang her, in the bathroom at the club“, you can be pretty sure you know which category this track falls into.

Philly’s Plastic Little are straight out of the Spank Rock mould, dirty beats, massive basslines and a measure of 11 on the dance-richter scale. Their album, She’s Mature, is a rollercoaster of party tracks, featuring the likes of Spank Rock and Amanda Blank. So then, enjoy this song, which will be featured on the next Hip Hop Radio Show, get yo’ banging going and grind away to your heart’s content.