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I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
(Definitive Jux)

When Fantastic Damage came out, every underground hip hop head loved it, whether it was the sludgey beats or the dynamic rapping that got you, you were hooked. So after years and years of waiting for the follow up, it finally arrived and it is about as perfect an album as you can ever imagine.

It’s more listenable than Fantastic Damage, but still retains that typical El-P sound. The production is unlike anything else in the world of hip hop, his style of fast paced and action packed beats is so distinctive its unreal and his lyrics are as on point as they ever were.

With a whole host of guests, such as The Mars Volta, Trent Reznor and Cat Power, he shows his willingness to experiment, but thankfully the tracks remain definitively El Producto style. With track titles like Tasmanian Pain Coaster and The League Of Extraordinary Nobodies, you know this album’s going to bring it hard. And boy, oh boy, it does just that.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this track, Smithereens. It is quality.