Last of the Bad Men

Here’s a disc that might well appeal to you skaters and punks. LOTBM number the legendary skater/tattooist twins Art and Steve Godoy in their ranks (on drums and guitar) as well as Radio Birdman lead guitarist Deniz Tek. Joined by bassist Troy Zak and vocalist Danny Creadon these grizzled rockers kick up some mighty fine jams on this 10 track album.

Clocking in at a shade over 30minutes, these snappy numbers pack plenty of punk rock punch which rocks in a hard edged UK ’77 meets SoCal ’82 vein. Art ‘n Steve have previously collaborated with Deniz in The Golden Breed, as well as performing live with him in a rejuvenated Visitors, but their best known outfit was The Exploding Fuck Dolls, who were fronted for a period by The Master of Disaster himself – Duane Peters. And there is a reprise of EFD’s ’93 single, the lurching “City Action” … “give me a box of matches, give me a load of pills”… guess they can hit up Dr Tek for that prescription!

Day to Ride” from Deniz’s solo album “Outside” is given a welcome dusting down, as is a killer work out of ‘Birdman’s anthemic “Hit ’em Again” which is ramped up by some scorching fret work. Fantastico! There’s plenty of meat on the bones of the original material too, notably surf-punker “1959″, “Bottle Rocket” with snotty snarling vocals and slashing riffage. “Full Pipe” is a raucous celebration to vert ramps, front side airs, falling on your face, black eyes, and riding all night… can you dig it??!!

I’ve been spinning this disc repeatedly since it dropped thru my letter box. If the likes of US Bombs/Hunns, Birdman, Vibrators, Heartbreakers, UK Subs, Humpers, Agent Orange and Shattered Faith rock your planet, I can definitely recommend further investigation of Last of The Bad Men. Let’s Ride!

Pete Craven