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Assemble Head

Assemble Head
When Sweet Sleep Returned
Tee Pee Records
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Assemble Head’s new record When Sweet Sleep Returned is their third effort, and what a good effort it is. 8 Songs of atmospheric, experimental, space rock played in the vein of Pink Floyd and Crazy Horse. Combining catchy riffs with whimsical synthesisers and vocal harmonies.

Tee Pee Records definitely like their spaced out bands and Assemble Head don’t differ from these. The songs aren’t as balls out as other things on Tee Pee; nonetheless the label’s resume is building into quite a respectful one.

When Sweet Sleep Returned is a very sweet record indeed, it has a certain sincerity about it that hasn’t been heard for quite a while. It seems like music created for the sake of music, not to get big and famous, just some friends who like to jam. It’s a relaxing sound that comes straight out of Woodstock; the air of peace and serenity is always there.

Such strange sound effects as air raid sirens are frequently used, which really reminds me of the Floyd. Using these ethereal sound effects to create an eerie feel to the record. There is also a hint of garage rock hidden away in there, the track Drunken Leaves could be gritty punk song if it were played with rawness and more distortion.

Assemble Head are a band anyone could get into, they’re as eclectic as they are intriguing, and I’m sure seeing them live would be a mind blowing experience. Once you’ve wrapped your head around the beauty that can be found in not cranking your guitar up to 11 and letting the instruments do the talking, you can truly understand this album.

If you want to listen to a record that is actually nice to listen too, When Sweet Sleep Returns should be top of your list. It is calming, soporific, but definitely great music. This is the kind of album that works its way into your head and lingers there for a very long time.

By Jonathan Teggert