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Eyes Open
(YNR Productions)

UK hip hop usually gets lumped into two boxes by those not in the know. The first is the box labelled “crap” and everything gets chucked in there by people who’d rather support the likes of Bishop Lamont and D12. The second is labelled “Roots Manuva” because that’s the only other UK rapper anyone ever seems to bother with.

But what lurks behind the peripheral of these people, what sits in the hip hop Matrix, is that extra special box. This box is labelled “dope” and in it contains gems from the likes of Jehst and Smurf and Asaviour. Take a look just outside of the box and there’s a track itching to be heard, so let’s start the process by clicking the link above and getting it going.

Cee-Why’s body-shaking beat on comes in like the crazy aliens in War Of The Worlds, making your spine shiver, your fingernails dig into your palms and your eyes widen. It ain’t organ-sucking E.T.s coming for you though, it’s the sound of some ridiculous MCs – newcomer Jyager [pronounced Yay-Ger] shows himself to be able to stand up to the guests on the track – Smurf, Micall Parknsun, Joker Starr and Kyza. Only YNR head honcho Jehst stands above him, but hey, who ever gets the better of Billy Brimstone?

By now you’ll be well into the track and I can predict what you’re going to do next. You’re gonna pick up the track and place it in that box labelled “dope”. Welcome Neo, this is the shit son.