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Holy State

Holy State
Repeat And Fade
(Holy Roar)

Four bright-eyed, freshly tattooed teens from Leeds, brimming with enthusiasm and odoured with a lust for the top. Whilst their influences (Hot Snakes, The Jesus Lizard, Fugazi) might be clearly worn upon the skin of their intricately decorated sleeves, the potential for Holy State to do incredible things in the not too distant future is tangible.

Crossfire have caught Holy State’s live shows three times over the past few months and each time been massively impressed with their burgeoning stage presence, huge sound and glaring panache. Similarly, their demo, released last year on Holy Roar Records (previous artists including Gallows, Rolo Tomassi, Dananananaykroyd) has recently been a mainstay on the Crossfire stereo.

It’s early days for these northern scamps, but bright things are most definitely on the horizon. Certainly a good time to go and check them out cos we’ve no doubt that a year or two down the line “I saw them before they were famous” glory will be yours.

Trotty P.