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DJ Alibi

DJ Alibi
One Day
(Tres Records)

DJ Alibi is a Russian-Canadian producer on Tres Records, and when you’re on Tres Records, you’re basically acknowledged as being great. Home to Giant Panda and People Under The Stairs, it’s a label that guarantees smooth beats to get those heads nodding and those feet tapping.

Having heard the brilliant Let’s Ride featuring the initmitable styles of Insight on the vocals on DJ Alibi’s myspace, I knew I had to check out the rest of the album and when I did, I wasn’t disappointed. It’s full of summery hip hop goodness with great percussion and when he ropes in his MC mates Bamboombox, Insight and Giant Panda, it gives it an even greater dimension.

The track you can hear above is Guns Of Kabul, one of the standout tracks on a cracking record, and from the first second the drums come in, you’re hooked. Crank it up!